Here are some of the frequenctly asked questions about our service or product,

1. Is this a free website ?

Yes! This website is free to use and access.

All the video tutorials are available for your benefit, so that you can quickly and easily install the software without having to undergo a steep technical learning curve to get the job done.

2. What do I need to pay for in order to get this to work ?

The good news is that everything that you can download from this site is 100% FREE. However you will need some small expenses to make your website professional.

First, you will need to purchase your own domain name.

Toastmaster Clubs usually set up .ORG domains for their Clubs, rather than .COM’s.

The cost of a domain will vary, but a standard cost is around $10 per year (US Dollars) for a .ORG domain and these can be purchased from a domain reseller like

Second, you will need hosting for your site.

This service does not provide hosting and you cannot purchase your domain name here. Your hosting needs to be compatible to have PHP 4 (or higher) and one MySql database.

My Toast Home is a service that provides free templates to design your Toastmaster Website with ease, and is built especially for the WordPress Content Management System.

Now it’s possible that some hosting companies can provide you with free hosting, and if that’s the case then all you need to do is meet the server requirements in order to install the software. If you are paying for hosting, then you should be able to locate hosting for under $70 per year (US Dollars) for your Club.

This is not a large expense on a Toastmasters Club, especially since most new members will be searching the internet to join a club in their local area.

3. What’s the difference between Free Toast Host and My Toast Home ?

Toastmasters International provide their own free service called Free Toast Host for Clubs who wish to choose a no-cost option to running a Toastmasters website.

Based on feedback from numerous clubs, My Toast Home is different to Free Toast Host in order to meet the following needs:

  • Simplicity – once you install your My Toast Home website it’s easy to manage. You can change or update your theme templates on the fly if you wish.
  • Expandable – the My Toast Home platform is based around the WordPress CMS, which means that there are a lot of extensions or add-ons that you may wish to utilise in order to make your website attractive
  • Back Office Admin – all the pages are able to be updated online, so you won’t need to be a programmer to update the site, and there’s no messy offline HTML pages to update

4. Can I do my own website ?

If you mean that you’d like to change something about the theme of the site, then that’s totally possible.

If the header graphic, or background graphic isn’t exactly what you’d like then you can easily download the template generator software and import that template that designed the site. Note that to make your site go “live” then you’ll need to purchase the software from the manufacturer, but you’re able to download and try the full version of the software to determine if it’s easy to use.


Remember that if you are doing your own Club website that you must include a link to the Toastmasters International Website, as well as this wording in the footer section of your site:

“The names Toastmasters International, Toastmasters, and the Toastmasters International emblem are trademarks protected in the United States, Canada, and other countries where Toastmasters Clubs exist. Unauthorized use is prohibited. “