Network design can be defined as the philosophy that inspires how various components, protocols, as well as technologies should be integrated and deployed based on a few approaches and principles to put together a cohesive network infrastructure environment that could facilitate the development of tactical or strategic business objectives. Previous sections in this chapter described the end-to-end process of a network model and the strategies that you can use to tackle different network styles. This ccde practical workbook nonetheless, is targeted on the design principles that network designers must think about when designing a network and translating business, functional, or application requirements into technological requirements. It is very important understand that such principles are not independent of each other. So, to generate a highly effective design as well as achieve its proposed goals, network designers should think about how each of these principles can integrate into the overall architecture; however, only a handful of these principles could be applicable or required by every design. By following the top-down course of action, network designers can analyze and decide what to think about and focus on.

Modular design is often used in software development, where an application can be built from multiple blocks of codes that collectively integrate to form the desired application. These ccde lab workbook of modular structure improve and simplify the overall application architecture. For instance, if an issue exists in one block or even module of that software program, it can easily be separated from the other modules and fixed separately without impacting other parts. Furthermore, from the perspective of ongoing enhancements, it is easier to add additional modules or blocks to this structure if brand new features are required. This makes the overall application architecture a lot more structured and manageable. Likewise, modularity is one of the fundamental concepts of a structured network. In a structured system, the network architecture can be divided into multiple functional modules, with each module serving a specific role in the network and represented by an individual physical network. The personalized physical network is also known as the places in the network, similar to the enterprise campus, WAN, or even the data center.

Designing for scalability is among the most important facets that a ccde workbook should consider. In fact, what can be considered as a successful scalable network is not only measured by the network size factor but also by how stable and dependable the network is and how easily this network can be managed as well as troubleshot. For example, a network could very well be designed in a way that can grow to thousands of routers, but simultaneously, a failure in one link or device can introduce a high degree of processing and CPU utilization across the network, which may lead to instability. This design simply cannot be considered a successful scalable design, even though it can grow to a large number of routers. Likewise, a network may be built to grow to a large scale while equally being difficult to manage and also troubleshoot, with any issue potentially taking a long time to be fixed. This network cannot be considered a successful scalable design either.

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